"Inspirational Women" has been a defining journey for me. Back in 2007, I ventured across the Asia Pacific in search of remarkable women whose stories resonated deeply with me. This expedition led to the publication of my first book, chronicling the incredible lives of six such women. Reflecting on that time feels like glimpsing a different universe, given the whirlwind of experiences that followed.

At the time of crafting "Inspirational Women," my life revolved around steering our business, Amazing People, alongside my husband, Paul. We nurtured it into a twenty-person endeavor, balancing a ten-member head office team and collaborating with ten facilitators in the field. Amidst this growth, we also embraced parenthood, juggling the demands of a burgeoning business with the joys and chaos of raising a young family. Those days seemed to stretch impossibly thin, with time slipping through our fingers.

Then, the seismic shockwave of the Global Financial Crisis hit, halting our momentum abruptly. We shuttered the business temporarily, navigating through ten months of uncertainty and solitude as we reoriented our lives. This hiatus birthed a pivotal decision: we packed our belongings, purchased a caravan, and embarked on a six-month odyssey across Australia. The nomadic journey became a soul-stirring expedition, unearthing buried truths and confronting unresolved challenges for both of us.

In the heart of the Flinders Ranges, amidst a downpour that closed off roads ahead, a profound realization dawned Paul realised that he could no longer pursue the corporate life, that he needed to paint again but it also led us home.  It was time to pick up where we had left off and redesign our business.  Homecoming heralded two years of relative stability until New Year's Eve 2015, when a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis upended everything. It was a cataclysmic shift, but paradoxically, it marked the onset of profound personal growth.

The subsequent 18 months blurred into a whirlwind of medical appointments, chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Yet, amidst this tumult, an epiphany emerged. This battle with cancer became a catalyst for metamorphosis—a moment to pause, reassess, and redefine my essence. The encounter with my oncologist bore a stark truth: two years prior, my odds of survival would have been a mere 12%. But, a groundbreaking drug altered that prognosis to an 80% chance of survival.  

In the realm of uncertainty, I confronted my deepest fears and misconceptions. I stumbled across some medical research that suggested that your mindset could transform your results.  Embracing a mindset shift, I delved into consciously embracing positivity around my treatments and actively looking for the joy in the situation.

Post-treatment, the trajectory of my life underwent another profound shift. Venturing to America to train with Dr. Sherry Buffington at Quantum Leap University, my core understanding of beliefs and how they can be easily upgraded, much like when we have to upgrade our computers to a new operating system, Dr Sherry's work shows how we can easily 'upgrade' our beliefs to be aligned with our current life and where we want to go.  This led me to continue my understanding of humans by enrolling in a psychology degree at University.  I have completed my undergraduate certificate in psychology and looking forward to where my life's path will take me next!

If you're intrigued by this evolution, join me on my blog and social media platform, 'shapingmomentum.' Here, I engage with creative minds, empowering them to manifest their unique visions. Now is a time brimming with new possibilities, at all of our finger tips, are we obsevers or are we participating in this new environment?  

I am eager to help others rediscover their own wonder, and most importantly, infuse a dash of joy into this transformative journey. I eagerly await the chance to share this adventure with you and assist in sculpting a new, vibrant outlook—one that revels in the marvels of life and, yes, promises some genuine FUN along the way!